We are both wearing HJC RPHA MAX EVO modular flip-up helmets in Zoomwalt graphics. Linas has MC-5SF model with black front while Asta prefers the white front which her MC-10SF model has.

Things we love about our helmets (keeping our heads safe, of course is the primary thing, but apart from that there are some other nice things):

1. They feel very light and comfortable on the head. The soft pads are easy to remove and they seem to survive machine washing very well - we haven't noticed any change of shape or loss of softness after 300 days on the road in various conditions and after some machine washes. The fabric that HJC used for inside of the helmets is anti-bacterial, so it takes a veeeeery long time for our helmets to get stinky :) 

2. They have everything we need for long distance and long term traveling - the additional dark visor for sunny days, pinlock system for cold or humid days, removable breath guard over the nose and a soft pad under the chin to help adjust the helmet to suit best in any conditions. The visors are easy to remove for cleaning, so the view is always crystal clear (with a little effort to actually clean it) no matter if the ride yesterday was dusty, rainy, muddy or all of the above, including hundreds of smashed flies.

3. It is quiet inside. The soundproofing is really good on these helmets! 

4. They have a flip-up chin which is priceless when you need to make small stops to ask people for directions, talk to other riders on the road, go through a quick and simple border control check or just stop and grab a super quick snack or a sip of water.

5. They look cool! We love the looks of these helmets - the black-grey-white color schemes look good in reality as well as in pictures (we tested it many times :) ) 


The only thing that could have been done better on these helmets is the preparation for bluetooth headsets - if we install them in the prepared wider spaces on the sides of the helmet, they happen to be higher than the ear is and therefore sound quality becomes very poor. After some trial and error with a few diferent brands of bluetooth intercom systems we found the best spot for our headsets, but unfortunately they do not match the spots that are predesigned by HJC. 

So all in all these are two great helmets by HJC which surely know what they are doing in helmet industry! They fit all of our needs and even though nowadays most adventure riders tent to like the adventure-style helmets more, we feel that these are perfect helmets for long distance traveling - they fit comfortably while riding on an off road and let's be honest - we don't go riding full throttle on very technical offroad terrains with our heavy loaded bikes and being so far away from home on a limited budget travel. We are more likely to be seen cruising down the small paved roads, bumping through some gravel sections at low speeds or leaning into a curve on some mountain road. The lightweight feeling, comfort and aerodynamics of these helmets are all we need at these conditions.

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