FIRST IMPRESSIONS (10/10/2016) *scroll down to read the update we wrote after sleeping in this tent for 60 nights:


MSR released their new range of backpacking tents "MSR Hubba Tour" this year in “OutDoor 2016” Exhibition in Germany. This tent is designed for the bicycle riders who need to store their gear and bike in a safe dry place while camping, but also doesn’t want to carry too much weight while on the go.

This is exactly what we are looking for on our motorcycle travels. We need storage area where we can safely keep our helmets and dusty riding gear or find shelter for ourselves from the rain or mosquitoes. The only issue was that those tents belong to product range of 2017 and MSR won’t start selling them until next year. But Tadas, the owner of camping gear shop offered us to talk to MSR and check if they have demo units which we can get.

Two weeks later we got a call from Tadas with positive news: MSR Hubba Tour 2 has arrived to his shop!

At this moment there are some specs from the manufacturer available and first pictures made by us. Detailed review and long term test will be added in the future.




These new Hubba Tour tents are designed on the base of Hubba NX tents with added specific features for touring users.

Unique design. Hubba Tour tens feature a unified exoskeleton frame that sets up fast and helps stabilize the tent body, which is attached to rainfly and stays dry during setup in bad weather.

Added space. A large hooped vestibule provides a dry, protected area for changing wet clothes, lounging, or storing gear.

Livable features. Easy-access entrances, gear storage solutions and ventilating mesh door make these tents ultra-livable.




Since we packed up and left home in October last year, we've been camping in the mountains, desert, beaches and forests. We have pitched our MSR Hubba Tour 2 on the grass, rocks, sand and concrete. The temperatures varied from +3C to +30C and beyond. The only thing that we haven't experienced with our tent is snow... and maybe that's good, as motorcycle traveling doesn't associate so much with snow and ice, right? :)

So, after 60 nights our tent is still in perfect condition. It even survived a wind-storm in Patagonia and no seems were torn, nothing got broken.

However there are some things about this tent, that could be improved:

First and most important, the vestibule floor gets wet if it rains. It looks like seems where the floor is attached to the walls are not taped well enough. This could be due to the fact that our tent is a pre-production sample and might be that final version of the tent does not have this issue. If it would be a regular tent, we bought in the shop, the warranty should be able to cover this malfunction. However now, because of this we must always be careful when packing our gear into the tent to make sure that our dry bags are put in the vestibule first while helmets, clothes and other non-waterproof stuff is on top.

Second - there is no way to pitch the tent without the waterproof cover on top and if the night is hot (over 25C) it may get unpleasantly warm for us inside the tent. On the other hand, this tent is providing very good shelter during the cold nights. And now while we are moving North, it will become more and more important for us.

And ofcourse, there are a lot of things we like about this tent:

Due to the exoskeleton system, it is super-fast and easy to pitch this tent and even if it is done by only one person it takes up to 5 minutes to get it ready for using.

There is enough space in the vestibule for all our riding gear, stuff we carry inside our motorcycle panniers and even a camping chair (it is possible to sit in the chair inside the vestibule while doing some work on a laptop during a rainy afternoon). There's also an integrated waterproof floor under a part of the vestibule, which helps to keep all the things away from humidity, dust or dirt, but it also allows to comfortably step into the tent with shoes on. When the night comes all the gear we have is close to us and well protected from the rain and even hidden from the stranger's sight in places less safe or secure.

Main, or sleeping part of the tent is very spacious due to innovative MSR design of the pole system, which makes side walls vertical. There are three pockets in one end of the tent, one big in the other and two small pockets at the top. This allows us to keep our things organized while going to sleep.

Overall, it is an ideal tent for motorcycle traveling - when packed, it fits into a standard BMW aluminium side-pannier and lies perfectly on the bottom of it while not taking up more than a quarter of it's size. It's fast to pitch and it holds all the gear we have while allowing to access it when needed without needing to dig into the pile of tightly packed things. Since all the gear fits well in the dry vestibule, we have the sleeping compartment just for ourselves, so it is always clean and spacious, allowing two people to have enough space for a good night's sleep and a good rest after long days of riding.

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