BMW Motorrad

Lithuanian dealer of BMW cars and motorcycles 


Our travel is organised mainly on our own expense, but we were very lucky to have some well known international or local companies which share the passion for adventure with us and agreed to contribute.


One of the largest Lithuanian distributor of motorcycle-related gear. 

Their large shop is full of stuff that every motorcycle rider may want and need. Owners and professional staff are always there to help select things that would serve best and if something is not available on the spot those guys are super fast to get it for you!



Lithuanian medical clinic. Most experienced in field of vaccination. Their doctors know all the endemic zones around the world by heart and have priceless knowledge about contagious diseases and their prevention.



Lukla is doing wholesale and retail of all the equipment for outdoor activities a professional or beginer would need for a weekend on the seaside or during an expedition up to Everest mountain peak. It was founded by passionate traveller Tadas Jeršovas. He was happy to share with us his own knowledge and experience of the best products to use in different conditions around the world.



Bank which has adventurous vibe and breaks rules - they have innovative approach to banking solutions so we have trusted our travelling finance to them.



CSC Telecom

TravelSim mobile SIM card is a complete travel solution.  It works almost in every part of the world, where GSM coverage is available. We will replace our Lithuanian SIM cards with TravelSIM and redirect calls as incoming calls are free of charge with TravelSIM while travelling in 135 countries!


Laimonas is professional photographer with lots of experience and huge passion for photography. We are very happy to have such dedicated professional as our consultant, inspiration and a helping hand when it comes to visuals. 

Laimonas Ciunys Photography

Our website is designed and hosted on WIX platform - a very easy to use and flexible tool to build and maintain a website!


These guys are professionals when it comes to GPS navigation. With their help we (almost) never get lost! :)

An official distributor in Lithuania of high-end action cameras, drones and other very cool gadgets. We are super proud to have them on board with us! With their help we upgraded our drone from Phantom 3 Professional to the tiny but mighty Mavic Pro. We can capture our adventures from up in the air even better now!


World’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth® communication systems for all types of motorcycle riders and the creator of the revolutionary DMC® technology (Dynamic Mesh Communication) for the ultimate group riding experience. Featuring ultra-compact and aero-dynamic designs with intuitive user interfaces that include a fast snap-on helmet system fitting virtually all helmets, Cardo has been producing the most advanced communication systems for riders since 2004 and has over 3.5 million customers worldwide and products available in over 80 countries.

Cardo Systems (Scala Rider)

Hi performance off-road tyres designed by off-road riders in Australia.

Our favorite Tractionator GPS tyres have a very deep thread and are made of a special compound which is made to last long mileages. With these tyres we feel confident on and off road and they last for up to 20 000 kilometers! Is there anything else we could ask for?


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