Hey, guys! We are starting the countdown! In 30 days we are putting our regular life on pause and leaving for an 18-month-travel around the world by motorcycles.

Several months ago we have decided that now is the right time to pack all the necessary things to our motorcycle panniers and head someplace nice. We spent lots of time on active planning and preparations - and here we go - we are almost ready to start the big adventure.

In terms of preparations, we had to go through some exciting stages:

Route planing - calculating distances, checking places worth visiting, budgeting, gathering information on border crossings, etc.

Search of partners and sponsors - telling our ideas to people, creating ways we can work together, deciding on terms and conditions...

Motorcycle preparation - we have prepared my BMW F650GS for the trip and got a new bike for Linas - the one he dreamed of for a while: BMW F800GS Adventure!

Vaccination - consulting doctors and getting vaccines from 7 different diseases...

Packing stuff, leaving our rental flat and many more small things...

Good thing is - doing what you love is easy! And we absolutely loved long hours of reading various blogs, posts, publications, making notes, discussing (sometimes arguing), editing pictures for website and sending numerous emails.

We have set the date of when we must leave based on the date when we have to be in Hamburg to load our bikes onto a cargo ship which will take them to Valparaiso port in Chile. It is October 15th! By that time the beautiful autumn should have already covered Lithuania (hopefully there won't be early snow this year...) and we will run away from it in chase of a neverending summer...

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