...therefore what we have been doing over the last few months was the PREPARATION.

We have had experience in organising and traveling on our three week adventures to Morocco, Azerbaijan, through the Balkan countries... but this is different. So we spent quite some time reading blogs of motorcycle travellers, publications online, forums and social media. I even ordered the book (a physical paper book of 352 pages!) - "Adventure Motorcycling Handbook" from Trailblazer collection and read it all. Meanwhile Linas was digging in The Encyclopedia Of Overland Travel which gives tons of tips and tricks and very detailed information on overlanding in different countries of the world.

What I loved a lot about the huge international community of adventure motorcyclists is the fact that everyone seems to be ready to help others. I had tons of questions on how to enter some specific countries, how to pack wisely, how to comfortably carry the DJI drone and all it's accessories, how to ship the motorcycles between continents and so on... I had sent emails and various messages to travellers from Germany, UK, Poland, Argentina, Spain and Mexico and every time I got replies within hours if not minutes! Every time their replies were very detailed, warm and I could really feel that they want me to find the needed answers! That helped a lot on filling in the missing information slots in our "general picture" of traveling in distant parts of the world.

The fact that we live in a small country that doesn't have deep world-wide motorcycling (or travelling in general...) traditions means that it is not possible to obtain some travel-related documents in Lithuania. For example the INTERNATIONAL DRIVER'S PERMIT and CARNET DE PASSAGES are not being issued by Lithuanian organisations. Some travel agencies claim that they can get you the permit (which is actually an official translation of your driver's licence to several other languages), but recently it has been proven that it is not a real IDP as approved by FIA. I even checked with National Road Carriers Association and Lithuanian Association of Automobilists, but they could not help me. Organisations in other countries which issue IDPs for their own citizens seem not be able to do it for a citizen of other country... Also speaking of Carnet de Passages which are required mostly in Asia and Africa, those are apparently not obtainable in Lithuania as well, but lucky for us, the German ADAC can issue it to Lithuanians and send it to any part of the world. We will most probably use this service once we approach the date of going to countries that require it in Asia.

On the other hand, our passports are pretty "powerful" in terms of how many countries we can enter without visa. According to Passport Index 2016 we rank 12th in the world as 147 countries do not require us to get a visa before arrival. So the good thing is, we will not have to worry about them while travelling all the way from Ushuaia in the southern part of South America to Mexico. Only some time before arriving at the border of USA we will have to deal with paperwork online to be able to enter the US and Canada ourselves and some additional paperwork required by the US Environmental Protection Agency to be able to temporary import our bikes.

So, for now we have prepared loads of information about travelling through the Americas and while we will be doing that we will take time to dig deeper into details about Asia and Africa. By the way, for now we are planning to skip Australia due to the limited budget we have and additional complicated procedures on entering that country, but well... who knows, maybe it will still be included on the list of countries we will visit during this trip. :)

P.S. Some of the travellers' websites that we loved exploring while searching for information on paperwork, preparation, gear, travel photography and other stuff, are these:

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