LUCK FAVORS THE PREPARED... (part II) the preparation continues!

We have a bit more than a week to go before we set off. We have finalized the vaccination procedures. We were vaccinated for 7 diseases that we can find around the world! And actually we did all that in one go. We trusted the professionals at Lithuanian clinic Endemik which has a lot of experience in vaccination. And they were right - all went perfect: a month after the "acupuncture therapy" we feel great and we didn't experience any side effects. Oh, and thanks to our vaccination certificates and we now feel as puppies with all the required paperwork from the vet! :)

Meanwhile Linas got his brand new BMW F800GS Adventure motorcycle and urgently went riding to get the 1000 kilometers under his belt to be able to go though the mandatory service at the dealership before leaving Lithuania. Meanwhile I got my stud to the workshop to change the oil in front forks, fit the new RK chain, change the break fluid and make some other minor adjustments. In a few days we will have both bikes "shod" with brand new Heidenau K60 Scout tires.

The first stage of logistics is already arranged - we have booked the comfortable "seats" for the bikes in a container which will take them from Hamburg, Germany to Valparaiso, Chile and we got us the tickets to Rio. While the bikes will be having fun on their "cruise ship" we will be exploring Brazil, by foot. Since we will have to travel few thousand kilometers without our bikes, one of our partners, the outdoor equipment shop Lukla, made sure we will be ready for that and fitted us with perfectly comfortable Scarpa Moraine hiking shoes :)

Earlier this week, I took the blue BMW F650GS for a regular check (equivalent of the MOT in UK) in Tuvlita and their friendly inspectors confirmed that my bike is tough enough to circumnavigate the globe! We are ready!

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