Last night we were packing things until almost 4 o'clock in the morning and after a few hours of sleep, we had a quick breakfast and rushed to the national TV studio for a live interview (as we are first Lithuanians to attempt a round the world trip on motorcycles).

After that our friends, relatives, sponsors and supporters gathered to spend some time together and share tons of positive emotions before we leave.

We had published an invitation to the motorcycle community to ride first 50 kilometers of our trip together, but as the weather was getting colder and colder recently, we had no idea of how many people, if any, will come to join us for the cold start of our ride. We were stunned to see that a serious crowd gathered to ride with us or just watch us leave on the big adventure!

Almost 50 bikes formed a huge line of colors and shapes of all sorts of different motorcycles following us to the longest ride of our lives! Wow! The experience was so great, it even kept us warm from inside for the rest of the day while riding in freezing cold weather :)

So, thanks to all the wonderful people who surrounded us today, the beginning of our adventure was freaking awesome!

Pictures posted here were taken by our partner photographer Laimonas Ciunys. More pictures were published by one of Lithuanian news portals here: 15min.lt gallery

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