ON THE ROAD FOR A MONTH - how much did it cost?

So it's been a little over a month since we closed visors of our helmets and took off from Vilnius. It's been a very colorful month full of new places, new people, adventures and findings. Not for a second did we regret our decision to quit jobs and go travelling!

The first month was different than most of the upcoming months should be - we spent the majority of the time without our motorcycles, exploring Brazil with only our backpacks on and being dependent on the schedules and prices of bus companies instead of our own two wheels. Before we started, we had very little experience of backpacking, so it is very likely that not all our decisions were the best they could have been, but we liked it all (except maybe that one evening when we got robbed). And we recorded the numbers, so we could see the statistics of how much did things cost us. After a few months, we will be able to see how costs compare for us when traveling with motorcycles or without them. We thought these numbers may be interesting for you too, so here they are.



We slept 10 nights at friends' or relatives', 10 nights in private hotel or hostel rooms (including one night at the cost of Condor airlines as they delayed our flight from Frankfurt to Rio for 14 hours), 7 nights in a 15-bed dormitory room (it was our stay in Paraty which was really great!), 4 nights with hosts we found through Couchsurfing and 1 night in an overnight bus.

The total we spent on it was about 390 EUR. We paid a bit more for a monthly rent of an apartment in Vilnius! :) Of course, that would not be possible without all the wonderful people we met! So as the old Russian saying goes: "It's better to have a hundred friends than a hundred rubles"! And we couldn't agree more! Thank you to all of our old and new friends who provided us not only with a place to sleep, but with great stories, introductions to the wonderful places and all the positive emotions!


We have booked most of the hotels and hostels with breakfast included and made sure to take the benefit of that! In some places breakfast was perfect (for example at Breda Hostel in Paraty, where we would get homemade bread, ham, cheese, bruschettas with tomatoes, traditional Brazilian cakes, fruits and even pancakes with honey!), in other places we could only get toasts, coffee and cereal with milk, but all in all, it was a good idea to sometimes pay a little more to have breakfast included.

We tried local food in cafes and restaurants in Poland, Germany and in Brazil and enjoyed it a lot, but most of the time our own cooking-chedeuvres were on the menu (it was fun in Brazil, since we did not understand a thing the packaging of products in the supermarket says and sometimes had to guess...).

Oh, and we didn't party a lot so drinks and snacks didn't cost a fortune.

All in all, it took about 570 EUR on everything we (sometimes together with our friends or hosts) ate or drank.


The first kilometers of our trip happened in Europe, so 1426 kilometers ridden on our motorcycles made about 100 liters of fuel burned, which cost us around 80 EUR.

We traveled next 10 000 kilometers by plane and it was for free!!! :) Due to the delayed flight, the airline was so kind to compensate us for everything! We're definitely flying Condor again!

Brazilian buses took us through 1650 kilometers between Rio and Puerto Iguazu in Argentina. They charged us 230 EUR for this service and it included one overnight bus from Ponta Grossa to Foz do Iguacu, so we didn't have to spend more on a stay in a hotel.

Various attractions and other nice things like boat trip, museums, national parks and the biggest system of waterfalls in the world made a total of 280 EUR on our budget-line.


We spent about 1500 EUR during our first month on the road. That excludes our intercontinental flight (because of a little "luck" with the technical problems of the aircraft and the kindness of the airline company) and the "cruise" through the Atlantic ocean that our motorcycles are still on, but we do not plan to travel between continents often, right? :)

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