Peruvian adventures: new friends, rally cars, horses and scenic motorcycle rides

After the Machu Picchu experience, Peruvian adventures continued. Together with some Dutch riders we created a small motorcycle-gang in Cusco for one night. You can check out their adventures on

From Cusco we turned towards Lima as Simon, the exceptionally talented young BMW rider from Columbia invited us to be his guests for a weekend. Simon, a youngest BMW GS Trophy competitor and one of the winners and a certified BMW offroad instructor (you can check out his tricks and follow him on Instagram: ), welcomed us in his home in Lima.

Together with his sister we strolled the evening city and tasted the local specialties. On Saturday their father joined on his own R1200GS and we all went for a ride in the scenic valley not far from Lima before heading to watch the 6 hours circuit car race.

We also visited the Motorrad Style&Tours shop to finally get the fuel bottle holder for Linas’ side pannier (this was an old plan since we were still at home…). Guys spent an evening carefully installing it :)

The Columbian family told us a lot about their country and so we are now waiting impatiently for the opportunity to see and experience Columbia (Sorry, Ecuador…) :)

A surprise for us was the fact that Lima is a city in the desert and the whole Peruvian coastline is a sandy desert which sometimes reaches the temperatures, when the only part of the day (and night) when I’m not all sweaty and sticky is when I stand under a cold shower…

North from Lima, the famous Cañón del Pato, winding between two mountain ranges, sometimes only 6 meters apart from each other was a very adventurous ride! You have to honk every time before entering the narrow one-lane tunnel or before every sharp turn, because if drivers of two vehicles coming the opposite directions would see each other too late, there may not be any space to move away from each other’s way as the road only has room for one vehicle at a time. It was a lot of fun for us! However, Javier, travelling from Alaska to Argentina in his Jeep Wrangler had a different opinion :) In a car it was much more difficult to find a place to pass other vehicles coming in front of him.

On February 14th, after 4 months and 17 000 kilometers since we left home, we got our first flat tire on F800GSA front wheel. Our combined effort of changing the tube (including my effort to make as many pictures of the situation as possible) resulted in a bike being ready to roll again in only 25 minutes. We decided that Linas’ Moroccan experience where he got 2 flat tires in 24 hours was a good training…

Then, before leaving Peru and the Pacific Ocean coast, we decided to try going surfing! But after looking at the dirty surfing city Huanchaco and the suspiciously gray ocean water, we changed our minds… Linas found a horse ranch nearby which accepts people to stay and ride horses and we rode our bikes directly there. We’ll try surfing somewhere else.

The Santana Ranch owner Manuel explained that they suffered from a very strong rain a week ago and they don’t do riding tours at the moment and their guest house is damaged as well… But that didn’t seem like a problem to us. We agreed that we can stay in our tent and I even talked Manuel into letting me help him exercise one of the horses next morning. I was very curious to see how they handle the traditional Peruvian Paso Horses. So, together with Christin, a lady from Germany, who was volunteering in the ranch and Manuel, the owner, we rode around the village on his horses, which, because of the special breed, have a very comfortable gait – you could sit on a trotting horse sipping wine from a glass and wouldn’t lose a drop of it. They were bred, as Manuel told me, by the Spanish colonists, from the mix of Fresian horses for the comfortable gait, Andalusian horses for the elegance and Arabian horses for the hot temperament and used by the Spanish señores to comfortably and with elegance ride around their plantation fields.

So, next is Ecuador, where we will cross the equator line and then Columbia after which we will end the South American chapter of our adventure (can somebody make the time run slower, please?...).

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