Good start is worth half of a job - The United States

We have this saying in Lithuania: Gera pradžia - puse darbo, which translates into something like "Good start is worth half of a job". And this is exactly what happened for us with entering the US - the first week here was excellent thanks to the people who welcomed us.

First, Daniel, who we first met in Medellin, Colombia and then in Antigua, Guatemala, came to escort us while crossing the border from Mexico to the US (not that it was supposed to be a difficult crossing, but because it's more fun to do it with friends) and hosted us together with his wife Teresa at their home in San Diego.

We had a dinner party with the neighbors, we serviced the bikes, gathered everything that we were planning to get as soon as we reach the States and even ran through the maps for the best riding roads on the Southwestern states.

Then we spent a weekend at Dries' a great guy from Belgium who now lives and works in San Diego. The weekend was made even more amazing by the unexpected meeting with my friend from university - Žiedė, who apparently was visiting California and the surroundings on vacation together with her husband Rokas and friends.

So after a week well-spent in San Diego, we took off to Flagstaff in Arizona for the grand overlanding event - Overland Expo West 2017. Visiting Borrego Desert statues, Joshua Tree National Park and the fabulous Las Vegas on the way, we reached Flagstaff in 3 days.

...and had a great weekend in a beautiful park, overlooking some snowy mountain peaks (with quite cool temperatures I must admit... which would probably be normal for us in Lithuania, but after all the crazy hot weathers in Central America, let's be honest - we got spoiled... and 22 C degrees with cold wind now seem to be a bit too fresh...) meeting other travelers, getting amazed by the incredible things which probably can only be found in the US and learning some practical stuff about traveling.

And one of the most fun meeting was with Egle - the incredible Lithuanian girl who already rode all around South America solo and now she hits the road again with RTW Paul, conquering the US' back-country routes on two Suzuki DR650s.

So from here we will head towards Sedona, then to Grand Canyon, explore a little bit of New Mexico and Colorado states and then return to the west coast to continue riding North towards Alaska.

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