The amazing museums of nature

If you have been wondering lately where we are and what we are doing, the answer is: we are riding around the western states of America, visiting every National Park we "find" on the road and enjoying the never ending opportunities to go camping in the beautiful nature.

After coming back to Los Angeles and changing tires to the new Motoz Tractionator GPS, we hopped into our saddles and turned the wheels towards Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and after visiting The Golden City - San Francisco, headed North on the exceptionally scenic Hwy 1 which twists and turns right on the coast of the powerful Pacific Ocean.

Riding in the Redwoods forests in Northern California, one can really start feeling as being in a different planet, a planet of giants!

And finally, after we reached the oh so green state of Oregon, landscapes reminded us of something we were used to seeing in Europe - hills and mountains, covered with green pine trees and "the stylish" groves of white birch trees here and there... And oh, since we skipped the snowy winter in Europe this year, Oregon's Crater Lake National Park really made us feel like we just traveled back in time (like home for Christmas) because of all the snow that was still there! Luckily, the weather temperature was so pleasant, we could even make a picnic on a pile of snow without feeling cold.

And finally, after crossing the state of Idaho, we reached Wyoming and the amazing National Parks there - took some time to enjoy the giant snowy Teton mountain range before heading to the famous Yellowstone.

Meanwhile in Yellowstone again, we felt like being in some different planet, where everything under the ground just boils... All the geysers and boiling pools of acidic water on the ground... And the crazy amounts of wildlife... Including the sneaky raven, who tried to steal our iceberg salad which was inside a plastic bag, strapped on Linas' Givi dry-bag, during the 5 minutes we were away from the bikes - we "shot" the raven as it was fleeing the "crime scene" :)

We were also lucky enough to see a mama bear with her cubs and a big grizzly bear walking along the road (but a bit too far away to take a good picture of them), some coyotes and of course, the enormous bisons, who absolutely wouldn't mind having our motorcycles parked next to their field...

We were really surprised with so much wildlife, peacefully living so close to people here and not being spooked by us, stopping the bikes and sometimes even approaching them with a camera!

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