The Arctic Circle - Northernmost point of this adventure!

We have reached the Northernmost point of our adventure - the Arctic Circle!

It took us 280 days. We rode through 18 countries on 3 continents. Crossed borders 28 times. We covered over 46 000 kilometers. Spent 95 nights in the tent. Burned 3520 liters of fuel. Took 6 ferry rides. Each used 3 sets of tires. Each stretched almost two chains. Punctured one tire. Lost one photo camera. Used 24 liters of motor oil and 8 filters. "Burned" 4 spark plugs and 6 light bulbs. Killed two fuel pumps and one shock absorber's spring. Met over 20 species of wild animals. Filled 2 passports with stamps. Lost one GoPro remote control. Shot tens of hours of video. Dropped bikes 18 times. Met hundreds of amazing people and made many new friends. Created tons of fantastic memories! And the best thing is - we are not going home yet! From here we will continue exploring Alaska and then head to Vancouver to catch our flights and ships to Asia!

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