Dear friends,

we are participating in the "Adventuress interview contest" run by WomenADVRiders portal where we submitted an interview with Asta about what adventure motorcycling means to her. Now we need to get as many votes as possible under our video that has been uploaded on YouTube.

The winner of the first place (who gets the most votes, in the form of "Likes" under the video in YouTube) will get a new lady riding suit and that is something that would really have a practical value for us :) So we would greatly appreciate if you would take a few minutes of your time to watch the video and click "Like" button underneath it.

Please click on the link to the video and hit the "Like" (or "Thumbs up") button under the video: https://youtu.be/LafQkXeUYfI

Thanks a million!!! :)

Greetings from Africa,

Asta and Linas

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